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Winter Maintenance



1) Ensure coolant level is full and the condition of the fluid is good (ensure coolant is good for at least -45 db>Celcius)
*Having the proper condition and kind of fluid allows your engine to warm up quicker and ensures your thermostat is going to work correctly. Once your coolant gets deposits and scale build-ups it starts to effect hoses, clamps, the waterpump and your thermostat

2) Inspect your tires
* Proper winter tires are extremely important during the winter months. Standard all-season tires at temperatures of -7 degrees and below firm up and do not give you the performance they do at higher temperatures In any temperature below 7 degrees, you should have winter tires installed on the vehicle, even if there is no snow on the ground
* Winter tires are made of a softer compound and allow for more flexibility and grip during the cold temperatures
* Check tires for bulges and or any uneven wear as cold temperatures drastically change the strength of the tire
* Tires with treads of 4/32nd or less should be replaced, especially in winter months. At treads of 2/32nds or less; tires are considered unsafe

3) Change your wiper blades for winter wiper blades
* Winter wiper blades are shaped differently and have a cover over the rubber part of the blade, which prevents snow and ice from building up on the wiper blade itself and allows for a clean, streak free wipe
*Winter wiper blade covers are shaped so the air going over the vehicle pushes the blade down against the windshield to allow for a good wipe of the entire length of the wiper blade

4) Top up winter washer fluid & windshield washer de-icer
*Winter washer fluid is good for -50 degrees depending on the type. Washer fluid de-icer also has a chemical that allows for ice to melt off the windshield much faster

5) Schedule Battery service
*Battery service should be scheduled just before winter (you don't want to wake up to -20 and find your car won't start!)
*During a battery service we perform a load test on the alternator to ensure that it is charging the battery at the appropriate voltage. We also do a starting test and battery test to determine if your starting, charging and battery systems are in working order.
*Performing the battery test will tell you if you should replace your battery or not. At -10 degrees your battery is going to operate at 50% capacity (compared to how it would perform at 10 degrees above 0)


Wax your headlights and tail lights to prevent water and road grit and/or grime build up. Waxing the lenses ensures ice does not freeze and build up on headlights. This gives you worry free driving even in the harshest conditions.